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Amalek or Palestine?
« on: March 29, 2016, 01:37:38 PM »
Amalek or Palestine?

It is them or us – coexistence between Jews and Arabs is long dead, if it ever existed.

Too many Arabs are part of the terror murder machine in Israel for us to hope for a better day tomorrow, without some drastic action to be taken by the Israeli government. The Israeli-left and the U.S. State Department would like us to believe that by surrendering more land to the Arabs or by giving the Arabs more control of Judaism’s holiest sites, such as the Temple Mount, that Israel will gain quiet and security. However, rewarding the terrorists never worked before. Israel ran away from Lebanon bringing missiles and rockets closer to her major cities. The same happened after Israel’s concessions in “Oslo” and after the disengagement-expulsion of Jews from Gaza and Northern Shomron. Israel’s good will and concessions only brought about an intensification of Arab aggression and terror, as the terrorists used the lands and guns given them to advance their violent struggle against the Jewish state.

The situation is only getting worse. When you have 11 year old Arab terrorist children stabbing Jews as well as 72 year old Arab grandmas partaking in the carnage, running Jews over and wielding their knives, it is time to wake up and understand that the pathological hatred that Arabs possess against Jews in Israel is not something that can be bought off with candies or with indoor toilets. This is not about desperation either. Many of the culprits are educated, professional and from affluent homes. The attacks are intensifying despite Netanyahu’s good will gestures, and his commitment to continue to discriminate against his own people on the Temple Mount, to the point where Israel allows the Arabs to control the mount and arrests any Jews that dare move their lips in prayer. The racist status quo which discriminates against Jews has been maintained and enforced to the point of national nausea, against Jews who seek to exercise basic religious rights.

Palestine, Amalek and Nazi Nation

During some points of the recent wave of terror which has plagued Israel, there were reports showing attacks against Jews every 10 minutes. The official PA schools run by Israel’s “moderate” peace partners openly support terror against Jews as does the Arab media. Arab mothers praise their children who kill Jews and glow with happiness when their martyred offspring die, as long as they kill a Jew along the way. This sweeping type of hatred against Jews is unprecedented in Jewish history. If anyone wants to get a better understanding of the rationale of the mitzvah in the Torah to wipe out Amalek – men women and children or the similar law that applies to the 7 nations, one need only look at the Arabs in Israel, where men, women and children are part of the armed terrorist struggle against the Jews. It is no surprise then that the Gematria – The mathematical sum of the letters that form the word “Phalastin” - “Palestine” and the sum of the word “Amalek” are equal to 240 (239 plus the kolel). The Nazi nation (haleum haNazi) is also equal to 239 (with the kolel).

7 Nations is a concept and not just about genetics

The Or Hachayim says that any nation that lives in the Land and that believes that we are thieves who stole their land, must be wiped out or expelled, because they will never settle for anything less than the expulsion or annihilation of the Jews- the people who they view as thieves – who stole “their land”. Indeed, it is us or them. There will never be peace and security until they are removed from Israel or until we lie down our arms and leave Israel.

Amalek is also a concept

Rabbi Yosef B. Soloveichik Z”L held that Amalek, as well, is not exclusively determined by genetics. He maintained that the German Nazis were halachically classified as Amalek. I know the Arabs have not succeeded in murdering 6million Jews, yet, G-d forbid. However, I also know that the so called “Palestinians” reached new heights when it comes to their level of Jew-hatred. I have yet to hear of Nazi grandmas who were happy to see their grandchildren perish in battle as long as they could aid in the murder of Jews. I have yet to hear of 11 year old German children who brandished weapons to hunt down Jews, or of 72 year-old German women who joined the hunt. These are not people you can reason with. These are not people who you could live side by side in peace with. No Jew will be able to cross a street or walk 4 meters in Israel without turning his back in fear of being attacked by Arabs. That is the reality whether we want to accept it or not.

They must go or we must go

They must go or we must go. Currently it is only legal to speak of expulsion of Jews and surrendering more land in a futile exercise of appeasement that only makes the Arabs more brazen, and thirsty for Jewish blood. To propose the expulsion of Arabs is considered racist according to Israeli law and can land the one espousing such words in prison. That has to change and will change if we wish to retain our Jewish homeland and if we wish to live in peace, security and tranquility. There is no other alternative.

Israel will survive

It is likely that when Israel ultimately takes the type of action that it needs to take to finally quell Arab terror and to distance the hostile Arabs from Israel, that this will bring international condemnation and sanctions against Israel. Better sanctions and life for the Jews and the Jewish state, than accolades, Auschwitz and funerals and flower sympathy wreaths to be laid at a new Yad Vashem that will G-d forbid memorialize the Jewish state that was. Israel will survive, but Israel will need to wise up and legalize the only program that could yet save the state. Legalization of Kahane? Call it whatever you want or show me another alternative that is based on Torah and/or logic that could save Israel.

American Jews Must Come Home To Israel - while they still can

As for Jews in the Exile, they ought to heed the words of Rabbi Kaniyevsky who has called upon Jews not to leave Israel and for the Jews to come home to Israel. Once Israel shows faith in G-d and takes the necessary steps such as expelling her hostile Arab enemies, the Jews will be subject to attacks from Muslims around the world. The governments that will likely condemn Israel and ostracize the Jewish state will not have the will or the ability to control the Muslim mobs and other random Jew haters who will blame Israel – The Pariah State for all of the security and economic ills of the world. This is already happening in Europe and across the United States. But the Jews who come home to Zion will find refugeת Yoel 3:5)..

The Torah Warns About What Will Happen if the Jews do not fulfill the Mitzva to expel their enemies

This is all written clearly in the Torah: Bamidbar 33:52 where it says that if we do not drive the inhabitants out of the land they will end up oppressing us on the land. The commentaries explain that they will do to us that which we should have done to them.

The Talmud teaches us in Sotah page 34 (The page learned in Daf HaYomi on Sunday this week, the very same day the Arabs carried out yet another two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem), that  Joshua and the nation of Israel passed through the Jordan River into Israel, with the walls of the water standing 12 mil high on either side of the Jews, who miraculously passed through them. Joshua stopped the nation of Israel while still in the Jordan River and had this to say to them, before they entered into the land: Know the reason that you are going into the Land, for the sake of driving out the enemies of the land and inheriting the land. If you are prepared to do this then everything will be ok, but if not, the water will come crashing down on you and on me to drown us.


The words speak for themselves and require no further explanation. This is a halachic imperative and we will not be able to inherit the land if we do not drive out the inhabitants. We will be washed away. It is not a coincidence that the Arabs speak of driving us into the sea. Interestingly enough the gematria of “bain Mayim” – the water will come = 153, the same gematria as “bSakinai”  (with those wielding knives), which is also the same gematria as Veauto LeHasel – and with an auto to kill. And water is the same gematria as the word blades (Mayim and BLahavim) = 90. The point is clear - if we listen to the Torah and drive out our enemies we will have life in the land, and if not we will be washed away into the sea, stabbed and run over, or whatever means the enemy finds to use at his/her disposal to conveniently murder Jews.

Torah, water, swords, vehicles as tools to save Jews or to kill Jews - THE CHOICE IS OURS!

Torah is compared to water – yet the very same water can be turned into a weapon to destroy us. Measure for measure when we reject the Torah way and the Torah solution, we stand to get washed away by water. Safra VEsayfa – Torah and the sword also go together, as we learn that Jewish scholars should use a sword when they need to, holding a sword in one hand and the Torah in the other, like King David. The word for knife in Hebrew is “sakin”. Sakin, too, has two opposite roots and meanings and could be used to save Jews or to kill Jews. The word misken means weak (a nebach) yet also could be used in the opposite context as we see in the words sakana or mesukan - danger and dangerous.

Hebrew is a Divine language, created by G-d - and antonyms and synonyms often derive from the same root, and there is often a thin line that divides between them. Man is given two choices, and freedom to choose between the Torah way of life or self-destruction. The same water can be used like a tree of life or like waters that crash down upon our heads and drown us, if we refuse to follow the Torah way and drive out our enemies. The same sword can be used against us or our enemies. The same vehicle can transport our enemies out of the land or be used to run us over G-d forbid. Every Rosh Hashana we utter the holliest prayer of the “Netane Tokef”, “who will perish in water or in fire”. (Fire is also the same root as blade), Lehava – flame and Lehav – blade. Who by sword? Who by water?  At this time in Jewish history that holy prayer takes on another dimension and has additional meaning – who will perish and who will be expelled, - us or them?

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Re: Amalek or Palestine?
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Whose the author and what is the source?

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Re: Amalek or Palestine?
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I got it in an E-mail from Yekutiel Guzofsky.